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The escalating use of terrorism worldwide has created an unprecedented need to address and meet the needs of victims of terrorism. The creation of an ongoing climate of fear through the victimization of innocent individuals and the de-stabilization of communities is one of the fundamental goals of terrorism. The victims of terrorist acts are the individuals and communities (both primary and secondary) that suffer the short- and long-term emotional, psychological, physical, economic, and spiritual trauma that accompanies terrorism. Widespread media attention to these acts is not only a primary goal of terrorists but also a significant factor in the impact that terrorism has upon the public at large.

Learning objectives include:

  • Definition, scope, prevalence, and types of terrorism.
  • History and background of terrorism and its increasing prevalence in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • Legislation concerning assistance to victims of terrorism and corresponding provisions relating to compensation.
  • Impact of terrorism - emotional, psychological, physical, economic, and spiritual - on individuals and the community as well as the impact of media coverage of the terrorism.
  • Individual and community strategies for coping with the impact of terrorism.