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Research and Evaluation

The interdisciplinary field of victims' rights and services is continually developing. The "knowledge base" available through research and evaluation has seen tremendous advances. "Promising practices" recommendations are often developed and updated based on the research. Promising practices are significant to those working in the field and are of particular importance to victim service providers. A victim service provider must employ interventions with victims that are effective and efficient. Therefore, the provider has an ethical responsibility to update and acquire new skills that improve service delivery. Research provides the means of determining which interventions may have value and which may not.

This chapter reviews basic research issues and processes.  Also, an extensive resource list is provided to help the individual locate materials to assist in designing and conducting research.

Learning objectives include:

  • How information about research findings can be obtained.
  • The definition of basic search terms.
  • Fundamental research and evaluation methods.
  • How you can acquire information and technical assistance to conduct research.