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Hate/Bias Crimes

Hate and bias crimes are motivated by hatred against a victim based upon his or her race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or national origin and pose unique challenges for victim service providers. The victim and, indeed, the entire community are detrimentally affected by hate and bias crimes. The unique needs of hate and bias crime victims require heightened sensitivity from victim service, law enforcement, and criminal justice professionals.

Learning objectives include:

  • The definition of hate/bias crime and the government's policy in addressing hate/bias crime.
  • Types of hate/bias crime offenders.
  • The impact of hate/bias crimes on victims and the community.
  • Hate/bias crime indicators for law enforcement.
  • The unique features of hate/bias crimes that differentiate them from other crimes.
  • Meeting the needs of hate/bias crime victims.
  • Promising practices and recommendations that improve the response to hate/bias crimes