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Financial Crime

Criminal justice officials have begun to recognize that victims of financial crimes, such as telemarketing or investment fraud, identity theft, and elder financial exploitation, have many of the same needs as victims of violent crime. In response, these victims are beginning to see an increase in services and resources available to them. It is important to develop a basic understanding of the impact of these crimes and how the federal criminal justice system addresses victims' rights and needs. Victims of financial crime may suffer severe psychological and financial harm, and sometimes physical effects as well. They require assistance and intervention that take into account their particular needs and the unusually complex nature of these cases.

Learning objectives include:

  • Important legal, programmatic, and definitional issues in financial crimes such as investment and telemarketing fraud, identity theft, and elder financial abuse or exploitation.
  • Needs of victims of financial crime.
  • Innovative services at the local, state, and federal level to address each type of crime.
  • Funding available through VOCA to support innovative victim assistance programs to work with these underserved victims.
  • Appropriate and collaborative methods for handling cases involving financial crime.
  • Promising practices in response to financial crimes.