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Victimization of the Elderly

This chapter summarizes the different types of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation, and victimization, as well as community resources, supportive services, and collaborative efforts that can assist elderly victims and their families. Specific crimes against the elderly include sexual assault, domestic violence, physical assault, homicide, burglary, and fraud. These are addressed along with appropriate responses to victims, including effective communication techniques and promising practices for dealing with elderly victims.

Learning objectives include:

  • Identify the various types of abuse.
  • Gain an understanding of the physical and psychological barriers that prevent many older people from reporting abuse.
  • Identify those who are required to report elder abuse.
  • Identify types of elder abuse perpetrators.
  • Learn the physical and psychological impairments and illnesses associated with aging.
  • Become familiar with the concept of functional capacity and how it is used in assessing the physical and mental needs of the elderly.
  • Utilize effective communication with older persons.