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Domestic Violence

This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of domestic violence, details numerous research studies and findings from state and local domestic violence programs, and reviews case experiences of advocates who work with victims and batterers. Protocols and policies for criminal justice system, legal, and coordinated community-based interventions are also examined, along with summaries of federal and state laws relevant to domestic violence prevention and interventions. Aspects of the physical, psychological, and financial impact of domestic violence on its victims, and on children who witness violence, are addressed.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand the prevalence of domestic violence.
  • Increase awareness of relevant laws and social movements.
  • Recognize the dynamics of domestic violence.
  • Identify the behaviors that characterize the cycle of domestic violence.
  • Improve advocacy skills when responding to domestic violence victims.
  • Understand the effects of domestic violence on children.
  • Recognize how the criminal justice system responds to domestic violence cases.
  • Develop a coordinated response to domestic violence.
  • Identify the myths associated with domestic violence.
  • Developing safety plans to assist victims.