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Victimization of Individuals with Disabilities

Until recently, the victimization of individuals with disabilities has not received national attention, and few victim assistance programs offered services for these victims. With increased awareness of the issue and new federal initiatives in the executive and legislative branches, model programs to serve crime victims with disabilities are expanding. This chapter discusses the progress toward recognizing and meeting the needs of crime victims with disabilities. Requirements of the landmark federal legislation, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, for the criminal justice system and private nonprofit victim assistance programs are outlined. New programs that have been designed to provide services to victims with disabilities are described, and federal law mandating that the issue be studied by the Department of Justice is discussed. In addition, guidelines are provided for the development of critical services in criminal justice and victim assistance programs.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand the nee for specialized response.
  • Identify and understand the various types of disabilities.
  • Recognize the attitudes and myths surrounding people with disabilities.
  • Demonstrate correct responses to victims with disabilities.
  • Utilize new skills to assist disabled victims.
  •  Utilize a Restoring Order.