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Core Rights of Crime Victims in South Carolina

Core crime victims’ rights are those rights that are fundamental to ensuring the meaningful participation of crime victims in the criminal justice system.  Core rights for South Carolina state crime victims are primarily found in the South Carolina Constitution and the enabling legislation found in the South Carolina Code of Laws. Having the important duty and responsibility to protect and advocate for the crime victim, it is imperative that the victim advocate have a thorough understanding and solid working knowledge of the state law of victims’ rights to ensure that the crime victim receives all the rights (s)he is entitled to pursuant to the law of South Carolina and to advocate for the victim when these rights are abridged or violated.

It is vitally important for the victim advocate to understand that the rights guaranteed to crime victims under the South Carolina Constitution and its enabling statutes are mandatory.  these rights are not optional or discretionary.  All South Carolina crime victims are entitled to these rights and protections by law.

Learning objectives include:

  • The origin of crime victims' rights law.
  • The specific rights to which South Carolina crime victims are entitled under the South Carolina Constitution and South Carolina Code of Law.
  • When these rights attach.
  • Who has the duty to ensure the exercise and protection of these rights and at which stage.
  • Additional rights of South Carolina crime victims.
  • Responsibilities of crime victims in receiving their rights.
  • Existing limitations on the enforcement of crime victims' rights.